About Us

Transmission Dr. Plus opened in 2003 on the corner of White Lane and Stine Road; a location that served it’s purpose but didn't last long. As we grew rapidly over the years we found ourselves land locked and had to move to a larger location. In 2005 the decision was made and it could wait no longer, we took a step of faith and moved to Rosedale Hwy (near John’s Incredible Pizza) and very quickly found we had another hurdle (not enough lifts or secure parking. In 2006 we heard about another shop that had closed and looked into their building to find that it was available. When others heard about the move they were very doubtful because of the history surrounding that "location" but to us it was an opportunity to show the world that not everyone is dishonest. So we jumped at the opportunity and signed the lease on our current location 5843 Rosedale Hwy where we have been since June 2006. God has continued to bless and grow the business due to the principles which we base everything on.

Transmission Dr. Plus is a Christian owned and operated business that operates on Biblical principles and good old fashioned integrity. Over the years of being employed by other facilities I found a common thread through all of them; dishonesty was accepted as long as they were making money. That was never ok with me, which made it difficult to go to work and have a good attitude knowing that I was working for people who were ok with lying, stealing, and cheating people to make a living. As a result of my experience I made a choice to open a shop that people could come and know there was something different about us, we weren't your typical shop, but rather a home away from home not only for our customers but our employees.

Our slogan "Our integrity is who we are", is not just words that we say to make people trust us but it is truly who we are! We understand that we are only as good as word, and still believe that a business can be honest and profitable. We did not get into the automotive business to get rich but rather to give people from all walks of life a place that they can trust with their car and their life. Our main objective is not just “fixing cars” but is being a safe haven for people who are broken. Our goal has always been to take care of the customer, as customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. We learned a long time ago that if you take care of the customer the customer will take care of you.